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About The Happy Manager. This site was created by Phil Higson and Anthony Sturgess*. Both are experienced managers and educators who have seen a wide range of working situations. They have been inspired by their work and life experiences to create a website designed to help make the workplace a better place. And who better to make this happen than managers?

Phil and Anthony believe it’s the manager who plays the critical role in creating that better place. Their website is aimed at supporting and developing managers, so they can do the same for the people they manage. After all….

People are definitely a company‚Äôs greatest asset. It doesn’t make any difference whether the product is cars or cosmetics. A company is only as good as the people it keeps. Mary Kay Ash

Care about your people and they will care about your business. Forget that and watch profits go down the drain. Hal Rosenbluth

About Phil Higson

Phil Higson is former head of two departments in the University of Chester’s Business School (firstly Business, then Marketing, Tourism and Services Management).

He is a published author and active researcher, with almost 20 year’s experience in university education as lecturer, course developer, manager, external examiner and consultant. He has worked mainly in UK universities although he has also consulted or taught in France, Russia and Hong Kong. His teaching specialisms include strategic management and services management. A former MBA course leader, Phil has also written research articles and conference papers exploring the role of business schools in workplace management development.

Before becoming an educator, Phil worked in several small and large organisations, in both the UK and Australia. For ten of those years he managed small, retail businesses, each with multiple outlets. This combination of work experience in small and large organisations, in both private and public sectors, has given Phil a wide ranging perspective on work and management. These experiences, added to his academic research and teaching activities, and to his life-long interest in personal development, have all contributed to the creation of the Happy Manager.

About Anthony Sturgess

Anthony Sturgess is now self employed having worked as an academic and manager for the last 9 years in UK Higher Education. He has worked extensively with managers and leaders at all levels, in public, private and voluntary sector organisations, in both service and manufacturing businesses. He has a successful track record for innovative approaches to the development of managers and leaders. These address the practical demands faced by managers but also challenge conventional wisdom, fostering fresh thinking and insight.

He has almost twenty years experience in the teaching, facilitation and coaching of managers and leaders. This experience ranges from individual leadership and management development to leading organisational change. Anthony is trained in action learning and hybrid action learning approaches, experienced in working with real projects and improvement issues in organisations, and has facilitated and supported 360 degree feedback processes for managers and leaders.

Anthony has worked with a wide range of managers from small and large organisations. More widely, he has worked within client organisations, using an internal consultancy approach to create tailored development solutions and programmes. These have supported numerous public and private sector organisations to successfully develop their managers, to achieve effective change, and to realise genuine organisational improvements.

Anthony was an Executive Education Manager at Chester Business School, and is also currently engaged in doctoral research into improving how organisations engage with Universities, and how leadership and management development interventions can be designed to have greater impact. He has authored or created numerous training and development tools. His hope is that The Happy Manager will help us all to explore how we can find “better ways to manage”.

Phil and Anthony are founders of the UK-based management consultancy, Apex Leadership Ltd.