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Performance appraisal tools

We’ve put together a great set of performance appraisal tools together with the insight and advice to help you really transform performance.

Too often performance management has received an often justified bad press. It’s merely corporate tick boxing, or a brief encounter between employee and manager trying to remember what was said, or find the paperwork from, last year.

Performance is too important for a tick box or to be glossed over.

Here you’ll find the advice and support to help make your performance management become a spring board to releasing potential and transforming performance. And you’ll find our half price offer for our complete series highlighted below a great way to kick start a new focus on performance management

A Complete Set of Performance Appraisal Tools

Performance appraisal tools: Performance Management ToolkitWe have brought toegther all our performance management appraisal tools from each of our e-guides into one handy toolkit. The tools are grouped with embedded links to give you easy navigation. They come complete with some great advice on how to use the tools. If you simply want to buy the tools for our performance management range then you can!

The tools are grouped to follow a performance management process with:

 7 Diagnostic tools, 3  Process tools, 6  Tools to prepare for performance reviews, 5  Performance appraisal tools, 8  Goal-setting and action-planning tools, 5  Tools for supporting performance, 6  Tools to develop your own performance


7 tools additional to the tools from the other guides in the series… HOWEVER….

More Performance Appraisal Tools for Less!

But don’t stop with just the excellent Performance Management Toolkit. Why not download the complete range right now for half price! You’ll get a superb range of e-guides that does much more than take you through the performance management process. It helps you to think differently about performance management with an approach that focuses on how you motivate your team to perform. Motivation is the key to performance, yet it is often missing from many performance management models. Click on the image below to download all the e-guides at half price.

performance appraisal tools Managing Performance Bundle

Some great ways to put your half price resources to work

Our resources are very flexible to use. Here are some suggestions to help you on your way:

  • New to performance management or need a fresh approach

We suggest you follow the order we suggest in the managing performance bundle. You can then try the skills, tips, and tools to sharpen you practice.

  • Re-fresh your understanding of the main principles of performance management

Try starting with “It’s All About Performance”, followed by “Managing Performance and Potential”. These cover the essentials of performance management.

  • Focus on specific aspects of performance management

Use the diagnostic self-assessment tools in “It’s All About Performance”. Based on your results the tools will signpost you to the most useful guide(s) to meet your needs.

  • Tips and skills to help you cut to the essentials

Download “15 Performance Management Tips” for helpful, practical advice quickly. Then sharpen your skills with “Performance Management Skills”. Provides ideas you can act upon immediately.

Don’t Delay Download Your Resources Now

You can start straight away with any of the above approaches, simply click on the image below to download your half price offer and get much more than a set of performance appraisal tools.

performance appraisal tools Managing Performance Bundle


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