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The Happier Workplace

How can you build a happier workplace? Here you’ll find our unmissable series on happier workplaces.  Happy workplaces make a big difference not just to our well-being, but also to our performance. You’ll find some of our most interesting e-guides in this series and some of the most challenging. So take advantage of our great half-price offer for the complete set.

After all happiness at work matters: happiness is a serious business!!

The Happier Workplace for Half Price!

You can download the happier workplace series straight away  comprising 6 guides, 138 pages, 24 tools, for half price! You’ll find tools, tips and great insights to build on what is already good and turn the tables on workplaces which sap you of energy rather than renew it. You’ll find some ideas that might surprise, including some insight about how managers make the difference. We will also introduce you to a well-kept secret about the easiest way to help your colleagues to be happier and at the same time improve their performance. Click on the image below to download your half price offer now.

The happier workplace Productivity in the workplace

The happier workplace starts one day at a time!

Where better to start than with what makes for a good day at work? Have a good work day introduces the happy workplace series. That’s because being happy at work starts with having good days at work. This guide applies happiness principles to making good days at work happen more often.

Central to creating the happier workplace is the role of managers. Managers have a far bigger impact than they often realise. In how to be a happy manager we show you how happiness is good for managers, the people they manage, and the organisations that employ them. This guide is packed with insights and tips to help make an instant impact on the way you manage – for the better! Find answers to the questions that will help you become happier at work.

 The Happier Workplace: Getting the Balance Right

Being happy at work is also a balancing act. Workstyle lifestyle provides a great model with tips on how to get the balance right. Paying attention to our well-being is crucial because feeling good and functioning well go hand-in-hand. think about it for a moment, if you don’t particularly like or enjoy your work, you’re not left with much time to do the things you do enjoy.  But there is also something else to think about.  We all face pressures in our work and life, which if not managed can be harmful.  That is unless you adopt a more balanced approach to work and life.  Perhaps the Work-style/Life-style Model in thsi gudie can help.

The model is in three parts. First it  contains tips on how to identify and manage the important things at work – using your strengths, helping others, relationships, and keeping a sense of perspective. Then, secondly,  It offers some tips on making the most of your life – look after yourself, keep an inquiring mind, remembering family and friends, ensuring you enjoy the journey. Finally it offers some tips on balancing the bigger picture – defining what success means, keeping an eye on time, the onus on you to take action, the importance of leaving a legacy, and knowing what enough means.

 The Happier Workplace: It’s Managers who Make the Difference!

If you want happier workplaces it is managers that make the difference. Our guide manager make the difference shows you how.

Evidence suggests that good managers can and do make a significant difference to performance.  This applies to the performance of individuals, teams and entire organisations.


It may be relatively easy to summarise what makes a good manager, but what makes a great manager?  There is no shortage of discussion on this topic but perhaps the better question to ask is “what do great managers do differently”?


The Happier Workplace Secret: Focus on People’s Strengths

The happier workplace One of the secrets to how managers create happy workplaces is that they focus on peoples strengths. In Managing from strength to strength, we explore how this idea can transform how you work.

People don’t tend to succeed by focusing on things they’re not good at.  It’s the combination of individual strengths that makes the most effective contribution to an organisation.  Yet what we intuitively know, we often don’t see in practice. When we are using our strengths, doing what we are good at, we tend to feel happier at work.


If you want to transform performance in your team, apply the strength-based principles in this guide to get everybody focused on improving what they are already good at.


 The Happier Workplace: Shaping Change Positively

Finally creating happy workplaces will only happen if we are willing to change. In making change personal we show you how to make the changes that will help you create a happy workplace.

Get onto the front foot with change and help shape change positively for the better.


Change is always personal.  Coping with change requires recognition of both how it affects individuals, and strategies to personally manage change.

It requires us to explore how we can develop our capacity to make personal changes, to better cope with change, and to help shape the changes around us.


Change affects us all in different ways.  How can you better cope with change and help shape it, rather than simply be a victim of whatever happens? Feeling more in control of change and helping to shape it makes for a happier workplace.

The Happier Workplace: Start today

You can make a start today, simply download the happier workplace resourecs with our half price offer. Don’t settle for less. We spend too much of our life at work, not to put the practices in place that make it a happier and more productive workplace. Click on the image below to begin downloading our offer.

The happier workplace Productivity in the workplace

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