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What is Performance Management?

What is performance management is a vital question that is in need of new answers.

Too much of what we call performance management is little more than ticking boxes or completing the corporate paper work. Few people look forward to their performance appraisal and perhaps even fewer managers look forward to conducting them.

Are appraisals really just a waste of time, merely ticking the corporate box to show they have been done?

Or are we missing something important about performance management?  Shouldn’t performance management be more about people than process?

It’s timely to look for some different answers to the question: what is performance management?

What is performance management – the ultimate test?

What is performance management Managing Performance Bundle

This series is one of our most popular set of resources and for at least two good reasons:

  • Firstly help is needed: many managers say they find conducting performance appraisals one of the most difficult aspects of their job.
  • Secondly, it matters: improving performance is one the most important roles for a manager.

But don’t just take our word for it. As renowned management thinker Peter Drucker argued:

“The ultimate test of management is performance”

Whatever else you do as a manager you need to do this well!

Invest in performance and halve your costs!

That’s why our series on performance management is an essential investment, and at half price it’s a low cost investment with the potential for a high payback!

The question what is performance management needs some fresh thinking, so this series of e-guides not only gives you clear processes, tips, and tools it does much more. The critical aspect of performance that is often missing is a focus on motivation. Few performance management models include a motivation element. In our series you will find a new performance management model with motivation at its heart.

What is performance management Managing Performance Bundle

The performance series is introduced in the guide: It’s all about performance. It sets the tone for the series exploring what is wrong with performance management and how you can put it right. Self-assessment tools mean that you can get started straight away with where you need to develop most.


The first three titles in the series are designed to develop your knowledge and skills through three stages. Firstly, Managing Performance and Potential explores the core essentials of performance management. This guide gets you up and runnning on what matters with performance.

What is performance management? ManagingPerformanceBundleThe next guide develops your skills in what many managers think is the trickiest part of performance management: Conducting a Performance Review. Everybody can benefit from going through the advice in this guide before conducting a performance review. Whether you are reviewing performance for the first time, or just in need of a timely reminder of how to make the process effective.

Of course you need the core essentials in place first, but finding ways to get the best out of others is where you ideally want to be. So, the next question to address is: how do you raise performance to the next level?

This is answered in our guide: Motivating Performance. Here you will find a new model for managing performance with motivation at it’s core. The guides don’t duck some of the difficult issues. You’ll find advice and guidance on dealing with poor performance, with some great checklists and tools. And helpfully we have included tips and tools for dealing with low motivation levels, especially relevant when times are difficult.

 What is Performance Management? Don’t forget your own performance

To effectively manage the performance of others, it’s useful to think about your own performance, skills and well-being. Managing Your Own Performance explores critical ideas to help you deal with the demands of your job. This guide in itself is a great way to improve your own performance. It is packed with tips and tools to help you think through how your own performance impacts on your team.

 What is Performance Management? Skills, Tips and Tools

Finally we have put together 3 e-guides to support our resources.

Performance Management Skills is a guide which will help you identify the specific skills needed to manage performance effectively, and to set about building your capability.


15 Performance Management Tips – in one guide you’ll find the essentials of performance management, condensed into short, insightful tips. Ideas you can act upon immediately. There is some really helpful advice in this guide.


Finally, we have collected all the tools in the guides into a Performance Management Toolkit. This is for those managers who feel they already have a good understanding of performance management, and prefer to simply use the range of tools to support their practice.


 So how do you answer the question: what is performance management? As we say in one of our guides, most managers want:

… a team of people who are self-motivated and commited to doing their jobs to the very best of their ability: to “go the extra mile”. Managing performance is not about coercion; it’s about encouraging people to work to their potential – because they want to.

What is Performance Management? Invest in some new answers

Our performance management resources are comprehensive. There is insight, good practice, tips and tools and new models you won’t find elsewhere. The complete set comprises a colossal  253 pages and 95 tools, in 8 key guides. ALL AT HALF PRICE!

What is performance management Managing Performance Bundle

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