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Managing Performance

Managing performance is too important not to get right. Yet for many of us our experience is not great. Some thing needs to change!

The ultimate test of management is performance

Below is our series of performance management articles, tools and techniques.

Many managers find performance management is one of the most difficult parts of their job.

Yet paradoxically it may well be the most important.

Ideally, most managers would want a self-motivated and committed team, doing their jobs to the very best of their ability and going the extra mile. How can you achieve that?

Effective performance management is NOT about coercion.

It IS about encouraging people to work to their potential – because they want to.


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To continue enjoying our free resources and article below, one of the best places to start is with our two mini-series.

Motivating Employees to Perform introduces our PERFORM model, which will help you to manage the performance of others.  Optimum Performance in the Workplace will help you manage their performance and yours!

Managing performance might not be easy, but as renowned management thinker Peter Drucker once said:

“the ultimate test of management is performance.”


Self Performance Appraisal

Arguably, performance management is as much about self performance appraisal as about your manager’s view or perspective. In this article we suggest some questions to ask yourself when... read more

Definition of Performance Appraisal

What is your definition of performance appraisal? Far too many managers might believe that it’s an annual review of an employee’s performance within an organization. Indeed, this is... read more

Define Performance Management

Inspiring Performance! There are several ways to define performance management. In our article: Definition of Performance Management, we consider features from some of the more traditional definitions. These focus... read more

Tips & Tools

Work Life Effectiveness – Work to Your Strengths

What’s the best way to develop your work life effectiveness? Well, perhaps it’s to apply... read more

Definition of Performance Management

A definition of performance management can help bring some clarity to what is often seen... read more

Formal Performance Appraisal

… be prepared! Most organizations have some kind of formal performance appraisal. If you are... read more

Management Skill Training

Performance Requires Practice Management skill training is fundamentally about practice: with practice comes performance. We... read more
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