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These are the 5 key guides we recommend to help you re-focus your personal and career development:

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Product Description

We’ve bundled together these five PDF e-guides.  At half the normal price they’re a great investment in your personal and career development! Read the guides in this order and use the tools in each. Then plan, set and achieve your personal and career development goals. (5 pdf guides, 125 pages, 26 tools, for half price!) 

1  Manage Your Own Performance

Few things are more important than developing your own management skills, one area that really shouldn’t be left to chance! This e-guide will help you hone the essential skills you’ll need to help improve your own performance as a manager. (28 pages, 6 tools)

2  Making Change Personal

Shows you how to make the changes that will help create happy workplaces. This will only happen if we are willing to change. Change is always personal.  Managing change requires recognition of how it affects people, and strategies to address that. This guide explores how we can develop our capacity to make personal changes, to better cope with change, and to help shape the changes around us. (22 pages, 5 tools)

3  Managing from Strength to Strength

Looks at the question:  “what do great managers do differently”?  One of their secrets is a focus on people’s strengths. This one, simple idea can transform the way you work, and the performance of the people you manage. Find about more about your strengths and how to develop them. (22 pages, 5 tools)

4  Managers Make the Difference

Will show you how to be a manager people are happy to work for. Evidence suggests that good managers can and do make a significant difference to performance. And people who are happier, perform better.  If you want to be a happier manager, remember – it’s managers who make the difference. (27 pages, 5 tools)

5  Re-defining Middle Management

Whether you are one, aspire to be one, or you manage them, you will almost certainly be affected by middle managers. Have we made their jobs impossible – discouraging innovation and knowledge creation by organisational and resource pressures? This guide will help you to re-think their role and importance. Rather than viewing them in the “middle”, this view puts middle managers at the creative heart of the organisation. (26 pages, 5 tools)

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