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Many thanks to all those people who’ve written to us!

To celebrate our fifth birthday, the Happy Manager has undergone a major facelift. We’ve also been receiving a steady stream of feedback, overwhelmingly positive!

Our site is now used and referenced all across the world by managers, students and educators in businesses, organisations, schools, colleges and universities.

Here is a selection from that feedback which we hope you’ll enjoy.

Of course, if you have a comment we’d love to hear what you’ve got to say! Feel free to add to this list by leaving your own comments, requests or suggestions on our pages or here.  Don’t be shy - come join the conversation and join the community.

Let’s find a better way to manage. Many thanks, the Happy Manager team.

What our clients and customers say

Many thanks for the guides. I haven’t yet read them from cover to cover however they strike me as well written. The language is good and the reader looks to be taken on a journey through the topic, encouraging you to read more. I’ll certainly recommend Apex Leadership to any of my colleagues.

Paul, Australia

Thank you [for the guides] … I really needed them for a course I was delivering today. I just wanted some good examples and liked your material. Thank you sincerely and I will be back on your site … looking at more of your material. Very much appreciate your wonderful customer service.

Kathy, Australia

I am impressed with the tools and activities that assist managers to assess their situation and ask questions about future direction and improvements. Overall, the [guides] create a solid basis for staff development without being too ‘over the top in theory’. A good blend of practicality and theory to help the audience focus on their own results.

Gareth, China

The guides have been great. We’re trying to incorporate one of the exercises into a team event tomorrow.

Thank you again for responding so quickly.

Kamuela, PVH Corp, Human Resources

Kamuela, United States

What our visitors say

Hi there,

Thank you for the happiness resources!

Nick, United Kingdom

I love your website and the encouraging words. PS I am a happy manager!

Velma, Canada

Hi Phil/Anthony,

I really like your website and all the great tips. Thank you very much!

Mukesh, India

I found your site, and find it very interesting, this is why i added on my blog a part of one your articles even translate it in Romanian …

I would like to continue to share your knowledge about managing the happyness and translate it in my language too for those with less English knowledge.

Lucian, Romania